Employment Law & Civil Rights

    • Employment discrimination

    • Sexual harassment 

    • Hostile work environment 

    • Family Medical Leave Act 

    • Americans with Disabilities Act 

    • Age Discrimination in Employment Act 

    • Employment contracts and severance agreements

    • Civil Rights Law discrimination  


The Law Office of Locksley O. Wade is a law firm dedicated to helping
employees redress unlawfully withheld employee rights in the  workplace.  If you believe that your employer or former employer as  unlawfully discriminated against you, contact my office so that we can  help you level the playing field.   For more information or to schedule a consultation call my office or click here  to send us a note. 


Discrimination in the workplace isn't always obvious and easy to spot. It builds over time, until one day you notice that opportunities really don't exist for you.

The Law Office of Locksley O. Wade believes that every employee has the right to work in an environment free from unlawful discrimination. Unfortunately, many employers violate workplace laws, and the employee is often left to feel powerless. I am attorney Locksley Wade and I have seen first-hand how employers take advantage of workers who are relying on their job to support their families. I know how employers will develop their defense against your employment claim.  As an employment law attorney, I have committed my law practice to helping employees fight for their rights against unlawful employment discrimination. 

To schedule a consultation about your employment  discrimination or civil rights violation claim, contact my office, the Law Office of Locksley O. Wade.  I will fully explain how employment laws apply to your case, and I will give you an honest  assessment of your claim. Don't let your employer ignore the laws that provide for a safe, equitable workplace. Together, we'll fight for your rights.

Civil Rights Law Attorney

My office represents people who have suffered civil rights violations or wrongful detainment by police, security guards, or business managers.  To schedule a consultation about  your job discrimination, harassment claim, or civil rights violation, click below to contact the Law Office of Locksley O. Wade