Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

FMLA Law Attorney • Family Medical Leave Act Lawyer

The law is clear: you have the right to take a family medical leave to care for the serious illness of your spouse, children, parents, and other members of your immediate family, without fear of retaliation or loss of their current job status. Unfortunately, many employers choose to violate provisions of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and often eliminate the position, or reduce the pay of their employee who receives a family medical leave.

At the Law Office of Locksley O. Wade, I represent employees who are threatened with a job loss for applying for family medical leave, or who have lost their job status and comparable pay on returning from leave. I am attorney Locksley Wade. As a former government civil rights and employment law attorney, I am familiar with the tactics that employers may use to circumvent the FMLA regulations. As a Metro New York employment law attorney, I know how to build your case against your employer.

If you are facing harassment or recriminations because you applied for family medical leave to take care of a loved one, contact me at the FMLA law office of Locksley O. Wade to discuss your claim against your employer. Family Medical Leave is the law, and I'll help you stand up and fight for your rights.

I provide representation in these areas of Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Law:

• Pregnancy leave violations 

• FMLA employee rights violations 

• Family emergency leave violations 

• Sexual harassment for taking FMLA leave Workplace hostilities 

• Wage reduction, job status reduction 

• Fired for taking family medical leave

To discuss your employer's violation of the FMLA regulations, contact me at the employment law family medical leave act attorney's office of Locksley O. Wade to schedule a no-cost consultation. I'll help you fight for your rights under the Family Medical Leave Act.