Sexual Harassment

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Sexual harassment can take many shapes in the workplace. Inappropriate calendars on the shop wall. Unequal facilities. Teasing and harassing about your sexual or transgender orientation. Dirty jokes. You've heard and seen it all. A sexual harassment lawsuit is often difficult to win, but it is often the only way to stand up for your rights under the law, and make the harassment stop.

At the Law Office of Locksley O. Wade, I provide experienced, skillful representation for workers who suffer sexual harassment on the job. I am attorney Locksley Wade. and I believe that workplace laws are here to protect workers of every sex and sexual orientation from discriminatory practices on the job. Whether you are a female, male, same sex orientation, or a transgender individual, I will help you stop the harassment and discrimination you have endured.

If you are experiencing workplace harassment because of your sex or sexual orientation, rest assured that New York City employment law makes it clear that your employer is violating the law. Contact me at the employment Law Office of Locksley O. Wade to schedule a no-cost consultation about your claim today. We will focus your claim on getting the results that are right for you. I focus my practice primarily in the area of employment law. We'll make the harassment stop - now.

Sexual Harassment Takes Many Forms:

• Pornographic photos
• Harassing emails
• Jokes about homosexuals and transgenders
• Job discrimination
• Explicit sexual comments
• Inappropriate touching
• Expecting sexual favors
• Uncomfortable hovering
• Inappropriate comments about your clothing or appearance

To talk about your sexual harassment claim with an attorney who will listen, contact me today at Law Office of Locksley O. Wade.