Employment Contract Disputes

Severance and Non-compete Agreement Lawyer

Employers often turn to non-compete agreements and confidentiality agreements as a way of pressuring workers from seeking employment from direct competitors. Even if you have signed one of these contracts, however, it doesn't mean that your former employer can prevent you from working in your chosen career field.  I am attorney Locksley Wade and I represent people who are being prevented from working in their chosen field because of a non-compete agreement they signed with a former employer. At the Law Office of Locksley O. Wade I will give you an honest assessment of how the law will view the agreement.

If you are having a dispute with a former employer over a non-compete agreement, a compensation contract, or a severance agreement, click here to contact me at the New York contract attorney's office of Locksley O. Wade, LLC, for a no-cost consultation about my experience. I also provide experienced representation for workers whose compensation or severance contract is in dispute. You don't have to fight your ex-employer alone. I will provide the quality representation you need to move on with your career. Let's fight this together.

Employment Contract Law Disputes and Litigation:

• Review severance package agreement

• Non-competes, disputes and litigation

• Confidentiality agreements

• Eliminate a signed non-compete clause

• Trade secrets agreement disputes

• Review work contracts

• Hostile workplace due to enforcing provisions of employment contract

• Civil rights violations due to preventing employment opportunity

For more information about my experience in the area of non-compete and employment contract law, contact me at the Law Office Locksley O. Wade a no-obligation consultation. Your former employer cannot keep you from working.