Hostile Work Environment

New York Hostile Work Environment Law • Job Discrimination Lawyer

If you work in a hostile work environment, you may not know where to turn for help. If you are like many workers, your complaints to your supervisor don't help because they may be part of the hostility. All you want to do is your job, but the other workers are making it almost impossible.

Employers have a legal requirement to prevent unreasonable working conditions and on the job hostility. I am a former government employment and civil rights attorney. Now, as a Metro New York employment law attorney, I put that experience to work for you, helping you fight back to end the hostilities you face everyday in the workplace.

If your work environment is making it impossible for you to do your job, I can help stop the harassment, and discrimination you face everyday. Hostile work environment laws are in place to make sure you have an equal opportunity for success. Click here to contact me at the Law Office of Locksley O. Wade to schedule a no-cost consultation about your claim today. We'll make it stop.

Hostile Work Environment Law:

• Job discrimination
• Sexual discrimination
• Unreasonable working conditions
• On the job hostility
• Uncomfortable work conditions
• Harsh language, profanity
• Unreasonable hours
• Constructive discharge
• Civil rights violations

For more information about ways I can help put an end to the hostile work environment you face on the job, or help you receive compensation for the violations you have suffered, click here to contact me at Law Office of Locksley O. Wade to schedule a no-obligation consultation today.